Story Secrets

Did you notice the Chinese terms or written characters in TRICKY CHOPSTICKS? 

Here's a neat writing secret for this book. Alongside some commonly used expressions like "Āi yā!" and "Wā!", all of the onomatopoeia in the story was created using the meanings of certain Chinese characters to match the sounds or movements of the mishaps. Below are the Chinese-derived onomatopoeia and other Chinese words that appear in TRICKY CHOPSTICKS, along with their characters, Mandarin pronunciations, and meanings.

Onomatopoeia Derived from specially selected Chinese words:

Ka-ziiinng! (kā); pronounced "kah": click

Splat-choooo! (chū); pronounced "choo": out, to go out, to come out, to go in an outward direction

Kuh-punng-k-k! 磕碰 (kēpèng); pronounced "kuh-pung": to bump into, to knock against

Skaii-rrrrippp! 撕開 (sī kāi); pronounced "suh-kye": used when something is being ripped or torn, to tear open

Peep-pop-pop! 劈啪  (pī pā); pronounced "pee-pah": crack, slap, clap

Kah-chah! 咔嚓 (kā chā); pronounced "kah-chah": snap; used for a sudden sharp noise or a cracking sound

B-b-bung-bunng! (bèng); pronounced "bung": to jump, to bounce, to hop

Puuu-tong! 扑通 (pū tōng); pronounced "poo-tohng": the sound made when heavy objects are landing, splashing, or thumping

D-dong-dooonng! 咚咚 (dōng dōng); pronounced "dohng-dohng": thud, thump

Dīng! (dīng); pronounced "ding": ding; tinkling or jingling sound

Hwassh-aah! (huá); pronounced "hwah": to slip, to slide; used when something is slippery

(xià); pronounced "shia": down; to go down

Bao-jiannggg! 爆  (bào); pronounced "bow" (rhymes with cow): to explode or burst

漿 (jiāng); pronounced "geeyahng": broth

Other Chinese words in the book, with characters, Mandarin pronunciations, and meanings:

(Wā); pronounced "wah" (rhymes with yah): "Wow"; also a crying sound

哎呀 (Āi yā); pronounced "eye-yah": An exclamation that often means "Oh no," "Wow," "Ah," "Whoops," or "Oh dear," depending on the situation

媽媽 (Māma); pronounced "mah-mah": "Mama," "mommy," "mom," "mother"

粽子 (zòngzi); pronounced "zhung-zuh": Sticky rice stuffed with special fillings and wrapped, usually in bamboo leaves

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