When: March 19, 2024 @6-7pm PST

Where: Brick & Mortar Books (7430 164th Ave NE, Redmond WA 98052)

This will be the first event to officially launch the book birthday of TRICKY CHOPSTICKS! Are you in the Seattle area? Will you join us in Redmond to celebrate? Sylvia Chen will do a reading of TRICKY CHOPSTICKS, plus there will be fun activities including a roll-the-big-dice-with-chopsticks challenge for lucky swag, and book signing of course. Hope you can join in on the fun!

Please RSVP here if you can! (this will help us to plan for swag, space, etc.)

More in-person and virtual events in the works. 

Please check back closer to March 19, 2024 when TRICKY CHOPSTICKS releases for more updates. Thank you!